The White Heaven Co Team

Alexander Sypolt

White Heaven Productions & Development
Alexander has a strong background in Digital Media, Advertising, and Videography. He is the lead for White Heaven Development and White Heaven Productions.

Cheri Sypolt

White Heaven Productions & Development
Cheri's passion is for social media and content creation. She is the brand strategist and lead photographer.

Alyssa Scragg

White Heaven Productions & Development
Alyssa has specialized in digital media, social media, content creation, and 3D modeling. She works on both teams on many different projects.

Tiffany Radcliffe

White Heaven Productions
Tiffany is a second photographer and second videographer with experience in wedding production.

Blake Runyon

White Heaven Development
Blake is the customization specialist for White Heaven Development. He has vast knowledge in Javascript, NextJS, Typescript, Rust, and C.

Seirra Haberfeild

White Heaven Productions
Sierra is a Media Specialist for White Heaven Productions. She has experience with special events, weddings, advertisements, and headshots.